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Magnolia 33 (Long Pyjamas)

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A fun and colourful garment consisting of a long-sleeved tunic and trousers, 100% handmade cotton. A flower pattern on a red background for elegant, modern and comfortable pyjamas.

Each garment in this collection is completely handmade in Italy according to traditional handicraft methods. The production time can therefore vary from 7 to 10 working days. Print and fabric subject to availability.

Magnolia 33 (Long Pyjamas)
Magnolia 33 (Long Pyjamas) Sale price$445.00 Regular price$584.00


A sparkling and modern pyjama set, thanks to an original and colourful choice of colours. To be unique even while sleeping!


Handmade, when possible with stock and recycled materials and fabrics, for a choice of tradition and sustainability.


A pajama must first of all be comfortable! Guaranteed comfort thanks to high quality construction and 100% cotton.