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Behind Angela Carpio’s brand there’s all the strength, passion and decades of experience of Maria Carpio Sanchez, born in Mexico yet always passionate about Italy, its luxury fashion and its unparalleled Made in Italy.

passion and experience

Spanning more than 20 years in the French and Italian luxury scene, Angela has worked with the highest brands in the industry, from Gucci to Bulgari to Ferragamo, Scervino and The Mall, pioneering personal shopping since the early 2000s.

Customization and quality

Over the years and thanks to her deep dedication and considerable efforts, Angela has managed to bring a business that was strictly designed for private Boutique clients to be a fully independent venture, founded on values such as taste, trend, creativity, and above all, passion, customization and quality.

Angela's work focuses on helping people, not only to dress fashionably, but also, and especially, to feel comfortable in the clothes they wear.

She helps them to move away from the narrow concept of luxury fashion, which is too often perceived as standardized, and to build a fashion that is personalized and representative of their tastes and their persona.

A couture that is no longer seasonal but identity-based, tailored to the personality and character of the wearer.

Collaborations with small local artisans

Her great empathy, together with her unparalleled aesthetic taste and her close relationship with Florence's leading artisans, allow her to create collections that are different each time but always elegant and unmatched, unique, just like the wearer is. This is the strength and power of Angela Carpio.


At each of Angela’s project foundations, there's her friendly and passionate soul. Thanks to her easy-going and smiling attitude, along with a keen ability to empathize with others and find balance in every form, Angela manages to deeply connect with her clients and become their first and true ally. She unearths their hidden strengths, finds the right solutions between fashion and personality, and harmonizes everything according to the taste and proportions of those asking her for help.


“Change 360°” project is another of Angela's accomplishments and her strong aptitude for helping others. It was co-created with Maria Isabel, a life coach friend, and also published in the daily newspaper La Nazione. Through this, Angela seeks to support anyone who wishes to make a total change out of being moved by an inner dissatisfaction they cannot cope with.

discover the consultancy services

Angela is licensed as an image consultant but she also works as interior designer, thanks to her inherent penchant for proportion and refined luxury. She collaborates on the furnishing of a variety of interior projects and thus enriches herself with an additional level of depth and sensitivity to shapes and colors.

Angela Carpio