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Ravello Hat

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Handmade hat from 100% vegetable fibre that enhances sustainability without sacrificing taste. Its classic style and colouring make it a perfect accessory for any occasion and add that extra touch to what is a sartorial piece of work.

Each hat is completely handmade in Italy according to traditional handicraft methods. The production time can therefore vary from 7 to 10 working days.

Ravello Hat
Ravello Hat Sale price€ 120 Regular price€ 140


An accessory that allows you to embrace fashion consciously, without giving up its characteristic charm.


Soft lines and refinement are the watchwords of this accessory that sees quality married to fashion and fine craftsmanship.


Each thread weaves a story of craftsmanship, luxury and eco-conscious elegance, which is why each hat is somehow different from the next and unique.